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5 Celebrity Dream Homes that Will Inspire You to Renovate

What kind of home befits a celebrity? One that’s dreamy enough to be featured in magazines, home and lifestyle TV shows, and grand enough to inspire your home renovation.


  1. Britney Spears


The queen of pop’s 8,500 square feet abode in Thousand Oaks, California has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a pool, and a fireplace. It also has a home movie theatre, temperature controlled wine cellar, and a game room.


Furnished with stainless steel appliances, its kitchen is open and comes with a formal dining room.  As for the master suite, it has walk-in closets and two his-and-hers bathrooms that are equipped with Jacuzzi tub and spa shower.


The massive property also houses an outdoor pool with fountain, covered patio, barbecue and wet bar, and five garages.




  1. Ellen DeGeneres


Inside Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s secluded 26-acre ranch are plenty of cool sculptures and vintage art pieces such as a large early-20th-century American worktable, vintage wicker chair, French early-19th-century deconstructed bucket chair, and many more.


The mega-mansion includes 9-bedrooms, 7.5 baths, a living room with library area, and formal dining room. The master suite has its own family room, study, terraces, and hers-and-hers dressing rooms occupying the entire 2nd floor.



  1. Gwyneth Paltrow


The atmosphere is ethereal inside Gwyneth Paltrow’s Tribeca home in Santa Barbara. This Venice-inspired Palladian style main abode is 5,022 square feet and comes with a spacious living room with a conservatory-style sitting room, four-bedroom, four-bathroom, a two-car garage, and several sun-drenched terraces.


The house’s outdoor structure does not fall short on luxuries either; with a long swimming pool, a massive fountain that’s almost the size of another swimming pool, and lush greenery spread across the estate.


  1. Jennifer Aniston


Big dramatic front-doors that are 14-foot-tall. Koi Pond. Murano glass chandelier.  The Friends’ star wanted a Zen-like retreat, and so her former home is made to give a ‘Bali’ tropical feel.  She later sold the 10,000 square-foot house as she needed to “simplify her life”.


  1. Jon Bon Jovi


7,452-square-foot duplex space with a panoramic view of New York’s downtown, this Manhattan penthouse was among the hottest homes during the year the iconic rocker put it on the market.  Among its rocking feature are three terraces, six bedrooms, a chef’s kitchen, nanny’s quarters, and a screening room.


Found a revamp-worthy style you like? Ask your home renovation contractor how they can be applied to the structure of your home.


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2017 Home Renovation Trends

Kicking off the year with a home renovation project? Don’t get left behind on what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’ this year. Hille’s Home Extension summed up some of the most incredible home styles that are expected to set the trend this year, according to various home design magazines, trendsetters, and remodelling authorities.

  1. Bright Green

Pantone Inc., a colour authority and provider of colour system, rendered “greenery” as 2017’s colour of the year. This type of green falls into the bright, vibrant shade and represents rejuvenation, rebirth, and refreshment.  Pantone’s executive director, Leatrice Eiseman, notes that the person who would adapt this colour is likely thinking about change and realigning, revitalising themselves vibrantly.

It is assumed that bright shades of green, inspired by nature are hues that are likely to be seen in décor, fashion, and commercial designs throughout the year.

  1. Faux Finishes

Elledecor, a reputable source for home designs and inspirations, mentioned faux finishes among the top 10 home trends that will shape up most household in 2017. Turns out, designers and homeowners are now opting for more budget-friendly alternatives. They’re talking about faux leather, foliage, and faux wood ceiling – which is actually a better alternative as it does not rot, unlike its authentic counterparts.

  1. Navy Accent

Among the trends, Elledecor has predicted that will emerge this year is the use of navy, instead of black, in accenting a room. As black can sometimes make space looks smaller, navy is an effective alternative and could pair well with most color schemes. Consider these blue bedroom ideas on your next home addition venture.

  1. Raw White

Another development for 2017 is the shift of preference towards artisan items, and along with this is the emergence of chalky white and bone white hand-crafted goods. As items within the shades of “raw whites” look natural and unearthed, they could effortlessly pass as handmade and made of natural materials.

  1. Stand-alone Shower and Tubs

Tub-and-shower combination isn’t the only bathroom floor plan out there.  Stand-alone showering rooms will soon make a statement. Talk to your home renovation contractor to ask for a range of styles that will take up less space.

  1. Foldable Appliances and Spaces

2017 is also the year designers embrace merchandises such as foldable rooms and tucked-away appliances to cater the need for functional space.

  1. Attic Getaways

Much like basement renovations, attic remodelling projects are fast becoming a trend and will continue to do so in 2017. Both are a cost-effective way to add extra space in the house which you can convert into a bedroom, storage room or entertainment room.

  1. Accent LED Lights Under Cabinets

With the right technique, using LED lights as the accent under cabinets can give the illusion it was floating. LED lights can also be used to apply lighting theory if your purpose is to convey certain moods.

  1. Matte Appliances

Out with the brush teal kitchen, matte gives objects a glossy look and a high-end impression. A sleek grey finish on your cupboards or cabinets will match modern appliances, which are commonly made of dark stainless steels nowadays.

  1. Smart Appliances

As devices continuously become part of people lifestyle, it is expected that designers will soon find a way of incorporating charging docks and areas in our home for these gadgets. A fine example of the looming generation for smart furniture is IKEA’s SELJE night stand.

For any  home renovation projects you may have in mind, don’t hesitate to contact Hille’s Home Extension at 1300 HILLES or 9379 8022.

Stages of a Home Renovation and Extension


Is a home renovation project on your to-do list this year? Before you begin your venture, let us help you set a realistic expectation. Renovating a house or building home additions is a lot more complex than what you see on The Block. But with careful planning and hiring the right builder, it can go along smoothly and be done according to your timetable.

We’ve divided it into two stages: pre-home extension phase and during the home building process.


Stages of home extension


  1.   Design


To start with, it’s all about first picturing how you want your home to look like after the renovation. You can look for inspiration online or by watching home renovation shows, or you can develop your own design that complements your lifestyle. Hille’s has very experienced designers that can come out to your property and offer ideas on designs and quote at no cost, and without any obligation.


  1.   Planning


Next step is developing your design with home renovation experts; they or they may not be the same team you’ll be working with during the building process. This phase is mainly about analysing whether your design is feasible or if there’s a team that could help you with it. Check your home builder’s reputation; look at a history of work, licenses, references, and reviews. Feel free to review some of Hille’s Home Extensions Testimonials here.


  1.   Acquiring permits


At this stage, it is assumed that you already have a final design so the next logical step is acquiring consents from the relevant council. It’s always best to speak to any neighbours that may be inconvenienced with your home construction.


  1.   Estimating the cost


Set an estimate based on the price given by your home extension builder during the planning stage. However, keep in mind that this isn’t the final cost and some circumstances during the construction may come up. Keep a contingency fund for this, so that the renovation won’t be delayed and cost you more in the future. Hille’s will always be very transparent with all costs so going over budget is the exception, not the rule.


  1.   Hiring a builder


Once you have the definite design, a plan, have obtained necessary permissions, and have the budget for the entire renovation, that’s when you pick the right extension builders in Melbourne to execute the project. Choose someone who does not only pass the initial qualifications during your background check, but also someone you can imagine having an affable working relationship with. Home renovations can be a tedious job so having a builder that can make the entire process easy is a bonus.


Stages of home building

Here’s an idea of how a very basic project might run, but be sure to add time for larger projects.


  •         Week 1 – Week 2


Demolition – involves tough and dirty work such as removing furniture, walls, wiring, flooring and any elements that may disrupt the renovation. You can save money by doing this process by yourself.


  •         Week 3 – Week 4


Plumbing, electrical rough-in, insulation, and air sealing – at this stages, pipes, wires, and ducts get to run.  Roughing-in means pulling all electrical wires through studs and installing and connecting pipes.


  •         Week 5 – Week 6


Framing, plaster & texture – involves closing the structure with walls. This is where homeowners could almost see how the project will turn out.


  •         Week 7 – Week 8


Flooring and painting – are the final steps in the homebuilding process.


  •         Week 9 – Week 10


Finishing and trim work – is mainly cleaning, dusting, and installing decorative furniture.


Please note that most home renovation processes are unique and this is not always the case. For complete guideline and insights about home renovations and extensions, you can talk to one of our experts at 1300 HILLES or 9379 8022.

10 Home Additions Facts and Guidelines


Is a home addition renovation part of your New Year’s resolution? Take a look at the following facts and guidelines to help you decide and set your expectations about this home improvement venture.

  1. There are many types of home additions:
  • Bathroom Additions
  • Bedroom Addition
  • Bonus Room Above-Garage Additions
  • Deck Additions
  • Dormer Addition
  • Family Room Addition
  • Front Porch Addition
  • Garage Additions
  • Garage Conversion
  • In-law Additions
  • Kitchen Extension Addition
  • Second Storey Extensions
  • Sunroom Additions
  • Two Storey Extensions
  1. Home addition will add value to your home. Experts agreed that the percentage of returns will be around:
  • 49% for sunrooms
  • 53% for bathrooms
  • 63% for master suites
  • 65% for a two-storey addition (comes with upstairs master suites and a downstairs living area)
  1. To get started, you’ll need:
  1. Accomplishing a second storey addition and exterior structures like sunrooms and patios will depend on the weather. In this case, it is advisable to schedule this kind of renovation during weather-friendly seasons. But if you are planning a House Extension in Melbourne this may be a little hard to pick, so call us any time.
  1. For living room renovations, always choose warm and inviting colour schemes.
  1. There is no definite cost for home addition as such will depend on the extent of renovation, but according to an article in, the estimated cost of a second storey addition may range between $1,850 – $3,300 per square metre.
  1. A basic second storey addition may take 2 to 3 months to complete – including roofing structure and external piping system. It may sometimes be longer depending on the size, style and design.
  1. Lastly it’s important to keep in mind your homes sustainability so a good starting point on what you should consider is’s Guide to Environmentally Sustainable Homes.

Take into consideration these important factors for your home extension project and if you still have questions?  Extension builders at Hille’s Home Extensions will be more than happy to help you. Call us at 1300 HILLES or 9379 8022.


5 Space-Saving Ideas for Your Next Home Renovation Project


Do you want to make the most out of every space in your home? Hille’s Home Extensions, the leading name in home extensions in Melbourne is here to help you achieve the look and functionality you desire for your home. Whether you’re refurbishing for aesthetic or practical purposes, our home renovation experts  will work hand-in-hand with you throughout the process.

Now is the perfect time to start the planning – with the year coming to an end, an ideal weather for outdoor work, and some materials may come less expensive around this year due to slow demand. And if you can get the renovation done before the holiday, it would be perfect to start the year 2017 with a revamped home.

If you have not yet come up with a scheme to jumpstart your project, perhaps these home additions and some space-saving living room renovation ideas might help you juice up your imagination.

  1. Staircase storage

Don’t congest your books and those things you like to hoard in a corner of your room. Instead, transform that dull and neglected space under your staircase into a bookshelf or a storage cabinet for a more organised look.


  1. Turn your hallways into storage


Another potential space you can convert into storage are those empty walls in the hallway. Make the most of this excess area by installing a built-in cabinets or wall-hooks where you can hang coats or jackets.


  1. A wine cellar in the basement

Are you a wine aficionado? You don’t have to stack your wine bottles on the kitchen counter, keep some in the fridge, or dedicate an entire room to store your wine collections. An aptly insulated corner in your basement would suffice to keep your vinos’ good flavour.


  1. An herb garden in your kitchen

You’d be surprised at how many types of culinary herbs you can grow indoor. So, if you love adding fresh herbs to your food, why not add a piece of greenery that will benefit your health and budget?  All you need is a wall illuminated by a window or skylight and some motivation to keep your little plants alive.


  1. Turn your outdoor space into a functional structure


Those spaces outside your home come with a lot of potential. You can build a pool, garage, or a garden.  But if what you’re after is an extension of your home and room for your growing family to get comfortable, then what about an outdoor structure such as sunroom, alfresco, or a patio.

Do you have a space-saving renovation design in mind? Share your ideas with renovation builders of Hille’s Home Extension and call us at 1300 HILLES to make them happen!

Discover the Benefits of Home Additions

Do you think about setting out on a home renovation project but worry about the cost and inconvenience of the home renovation process? Here’s a little push to help you get through this quandary: while this venture is likely to involve investment in time and money, the end result outweighs the cost. Home additions come with a lot of benefits that you’ll reap for a long time.

Adds luxury

The idea of luxury is not feeling cramped, or crowded in a room. It would be odd to hang a huge deluxe chandelier in a cramped sleeping space where there’s hardly a room to illuminate. Home additions and expansions allow you to add lavish pieces such as a bathtub, his and her bathrooms, or a walk-in closet in the master’s bedroom.

Creates more living space

An extra space comes with a lot of potentials. In case you value practicality over luxury, you could turn your extra space into an office, garage, guest room or just an outdoor structure like a patio or an alfresco. The more space you have, the more room for your family to relax.

Increases the house’s resale value

Home renovation is a form of investment. For one, it increases your home’s resale value. So in case you decide to move in the future, you can sell your house at a price better than its original value.

Can house an extra family member

The most obvious benefit of a home addition is creating more space. You can turn space into bedrooms for a growing family or guest rooms for frequent visitors or extended family.

Home renovation is cheaper than moving

Rather than buying a new house, Hille’s your home renovation contractor can fashion your existing abode into your dream house. The price of a home makeover can be less expensive than selling and moving to a new home, and you get to stay in a neighbourhood you know and love.

Are you ready to discover more benefits of a home addition and renovation schemes? Call the pros Hille’s Home Extension to discuss your home additions and living room renovation needs.

House Extension Tips from your Trusted Home Renovation Contractors


There are many reasons why homeowners want a bigger space for their home: a growing family, a need to have an office for a blooming home-based business, while some just want to have an extra space to accommodate their visiting friends and relatives. Instead of moving to a bigger place, it can be more economical to give your house an extension and gain much needed space. Speak to the renovation experts at Hille’s Home Extensions before you start the project and keep following tips in mind

  1. Talk to your neighbours

Neighbours play an important role in any house extension project. Take their feelings into consideration as they will experience the inconvenience of building construction without getting a benefit from it. They also have the right to report your building work to the right local government department. So, to avoid neighbourly disputes and delay in your plans, inform them about your intention and keep them informed.

  1. Set a renovation budget

Estimate how much you have to spend and see if you have enough money for it. Experts at Hille’s can help you with a Quote to get an idea about how much the project will cost you. Contact at least 3 building contractors recommended by your trusted friends and neighbours.

  1. Set a contingency fund

Your contractor may give you an estimated price of the construction and materials, but home extension plans aren’t always set in stone. More ideas and unforeseen circumstances may turn up later and cost you more than your initial budget. An extra fund for these emergencies and additions will save your renovation from being delayed.

  1. Site insurance

The standard home insurance will not cover the cost of damage in case the project backfired during the work, but site insurance will. It will also cover your liabilities in the event of weather-related loss, fire, theft, vandalism, and accidental damage to someone else’s property during the construction.

  1. Check different materials

Invest in good materials for a quality finish. Before shopping for construction materials, consult with your local officials about building requirements. Again a good Home Renovation contractor should already have this knowledge and will be able to save you considerable time.

  1. Check the existing structure of your home

Are you planning for an extravagant home extension? Take into account the compatibility between renovation design and the existing structure of your home. Plan your home additions well to make sure it won’t effect your house’s original structure.

  1. Find a reliable home renovation contractor

A competent and reliable home renovation contractor can simplify the overwhelming home renovation process for you. To find a good one, check for references from your family, friends and trusted people. Pick at least 3 candidates, and check for their licenses and history of works through websites and online reviews.

  1. Consider how long the renovation will take

Discuss with your contractor about the renovations timetable, and ask yourself how prepared you are for the inconveniences.

For more tips and home renovation guidelines, feel free to contact Hille’s Home Extensions at 1300 HILLES or 9379 8022, and they’ll be happy to discuss your dream home extensions with you.


Hille’s Home Extensions Testimonial Video

Anthony and Trish found a complete lifestyle solution with Hille’s Home Extensions. We had the pleasure of working with them to realise their dreams. Just listen to what they have to say.

Our client’s usually come to us with a myriad of individual tastes and ideas on what they like to achieve with their home and lifestyle improvement projects. It then becomes our job to work with each to meet their goals.

Our designers are experienced professionals who will sit down and talk to you… and listen to you. They will then work through a variety of ideas with you, discuss and compare how different design implementations might work in your home. They understand modern materials, current trends and styles, fittings and appliances. Whether you have made these decisions, or need some professional guidance and advice, our designers are able to help.

Browse our website to learn more about what we do or download our brochure or request a printed copy in the mail by going to our CONTACT page. You can also call us on 9379 8022 and talk to the team at anytime if you have any questions.

We thank Anthony and Trish for giving us their time and endorsing our work in such a kind and lovely manner.


Hille’s Home Extensions Promotional Video

Hille’s Home Extensions is a successful business because we have an open, honest and friendly approach to our work. Being a local company, we understand the importance of keeping our customers happy. We understand the significance of your home, and we respect that we are working to enhance your dreams. We strive to achieve the absolute best result for our clients on every single project.

Most people can think of more than one reason to have their home extended, remodeled or renovated. For many, it’s that the children have outgrown the current available space. Others would love to entertain more. As time goes by our needs change and so must the places we call home. We know that there is always a lot to be considered on such projects so, we work with you all the way to achieve what is right for you, and that comes complete with our 10year guarantee.

Our Design & Construct formula is simple. Our designers are experts.

Watch our latest promotional video and consider how Hille’s Home Extensions can help you achieve your extension, remodeling and renovation objectives to improve your lifestyle.

We are proud of our work and we invite you to join the ever growing number of delighted Hille’s Home Extensions customers. So, call us on 9379 8022 for a complete lifestyle solution.